“Healing for a higher purpose”

With the right tools and techniques

Learn The Secrets To Overcoming Weakness’ and How To Live Your Best Life Now!


With the right tools and techniques
You will be ready to heal for a higher purpose
1 Step beyond U is not just a name but it’s a place you can come to learn and receive the healing that’s needed to excel to the next level of your life. In order to excel in your career, your business and in life you must first be willing to do the work that is necessary.
Our keynote Speaker, Erica Lynn, will take you to a place that will make you laugh or cry, but at the end the healing you receive will be phenomenal.

Healing For A Higher Purpose!


“Erica is a compassionate, full of life and energy speaker. She has an amazing ability to connect with people from many different walks of life. Her speeches are filled with powerful messages that will motivate and inspire you to transform your life. Thank you, Erica, for making a positive impact in my relationship with my teenage son. It has never been better. YOU truly are an inspirational speaker and a wonderful human being.”

Kathy S

Well where do I start, what can I say about this young lady, my neighbor and friend, my sister in the Gospel. When I first met her, it was her smile that drew me, along with her beautiful children. I was engaged to a gentleman who later broke my heart and left me devastated. But God always has a ram in the bush. He blessed me with a friend who I can talk to, she didn’t man bash, but she gave me loving advice. She always includes me in her family functions, I feel like I’m family she shares her children whom I love like my own. She always calls to check on me. Especially during my health challenges. When I’m feeling down and alone, she is in the Spirit because she is always on time with her love, she is always the same. I can always call on her even when she is tired from her job, she makes sacrifices to help me out. She has encouraged me to keep going, tells me that I’m beautiful, has shown me how to be resilient, and to smile again inside and out. If you ever get an opportunity to meet her accept and cherish her friendship. She is beautiful inside and out.

Denise D

Erica and I have been friends for about seven or eight years now.  She has been an influence in my personal relationships with co-workers and has also helped guide me in my relationship with my now husband.  Erica has always had this amazing ability to show you how to work through differences peacefully and respectfully.  She has taught me many things throughout our friendship. Erica is great at making you laugh but she has this way of being so inspirational and motivating at the same time, she really gets you to see the glass is half full!!


Sara A


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“Healing for a higher purpose”

With the right tools and techniques

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