1 Step Beyond U


I understand the challenges of having weaknesses, I too had to overcome them. When I did the healing work on myself, my test is now a testimony….

I am an aspiring author, coach, keynote speaker, and podcast host, motivating people all over the world into using proven healing techniques that will help you take 1 step beyond U.

I am the happiest that I’ve ever been, I have been living my dreams of helping people overcome weaknesses.

I lived in my past for many years being ashamed of the choices I’ve made blaming my father for not being a part of my life to give me love I needed. Which led me on a path of looking for love in all the wrong places. Blaming my mom for not being equip to give me the tools I needed to excel in life such as my siblings.

At age 16 I was diagnosed with migraines, I had a chemical imbalance in my brain. Times when these migraine episodes would occur I was left for days with the after effects.

My outer shell appeared to be loving and beautiful but, on the inside, I was broke and broken. I lived a life of having low self-esteem and being very promiscuous, although people loved me and was drawn to me and I was the life of the party, at the end of the day there was peace’s that was still missing.

After I took it all to God and begin to do the necessary work of healing myself I no longer live the life of being tested, I now live the life of being a testimony to others that cannot get past their weaknesses.

I was a young mother at 17, I now have 3 wonderful amazing children, whom I’ve learned great lessons from. I was able to put my own personal parenting wants and needs aside and motivate my children to follow their dreams, my oldest two children are now following their dreams living out of the country in Taiwan. I now have my last child at home and from the experiences he and I had, I now understand how to break the generational cycle. I focus and pour much love and greatness in my son inspiring him to follow his dream of being a becoming a pro skater and he is my producer of 1 Step Beyond U podcast.

While working a full-time job and being a single mom, I went back to college at age 35. I once heard Eric Thomas say ” it doesn’t matter how long it take you to obtain a degree because the paper does not state all that matters is that I did not give up” I stand proud to say I have my Associates degree. I did not stop there I went on to a certification program and obtained a certification in medical billing and coding. My brain is now turned on and I’m like a sponge I want to learn all that I can.

I remember asking God what my purpose is, after 10 years of asking that question, it is now revealed to me.

For many years I’ve lived in my past and could not go forward, now I stand in my truth and is able to use my own personal stories to help and heal others from their truth.

Laughter is the key to the soul, I am no longer that woman whom cried every day for a year.

I am no longer that woman who was verbally and physically abused.

I am no longer that woman who don’t value herself.

I am no longer that woman who looks for love in all the wrong places.

I am a woman of purpose.

I am a woman that accepted healing and is living my best life sharing that healing.

I am a woman who is open to love and all its possibilities.

It’s been often said that people feel as if they have known me all their life, this is because I meet people where they are at.

I am committed to helping others, not to allow their limitations to hinder them but take 1 Step Beyond U!

Learn The Secrets To Overcoming Weakness’