Science of Healing for a Purpose Coaching

My name is Erica Gillis and I am here to help you manifest your greatest healing and motivation on to the next level. I have put together a set of programs and courses that have helped transform the lives of hundreds of wonderful people.

Discovering your purpose of healing tools and techniques are proven secrets that will propel you into new discovery. One technique of mine is the ability to be totally transparent and by using some of my own personal stories to help you transform. These methods have helped tons of woman. These techniques show you how to stand in your truth, own it, and stop wearing it on your shoulder. It’s time to write a new chapter in your book of life and laugh again.



When I decided to a podcast I was thinking about sitting at a desk with my guest facing me having the microphone between us. My guest would be answering questions and sharing their story and days before I was due to shoot my very first podcast with Pastor Leon, my son and his friends came to help move the desk from where it was located to a more centrally located spot in the room. The unthinkable happened, the desk broke in half and I had no money to purchase another one. I stood in the floor and said “there went my million-dollar idea”, I thought my podcast was ruined. However, if you believe in divine intervention, that is what happened. God has moved my podcast up several levels since then. My point is you will see where I started and the growth of not only the show but the ability to deliver effective content.

My podcast is filled with stories of real life people business owners, regular everyday people, entrepreneurs, or someone that awakened today and have the purpose to help by way of sharing. They share experiences and challenges that would have probably took someone out the game but most importantly how they’ve overcome them. Not only did they overcome them but they have moved onto the next levels of their life and then some. I want you to tune into 1 Step Beyond U Podcast, this is a place where you will laugh, cry, but most importantly walk away and be inspired to start your new journey.


Training Courses

We are currently developing our training courses for your growth. Committed to providing you with the best tools possible to increase your living.